Historically ahead
of our time

  •  - 2000

    Our story begins in 2000 when Carlos Bento and João Hinga establish Micronipol’s factory for the production of flexible PVC through micronisation.

  •  - 2001

    Micronipol begins the production of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP).

  •  - 2002

    Micronipol is the first recycling company to use plastic bottle caps as raw material for recycled plastic.

  •  - 2005

    Micronipol’s manufacturing capacity is expanded, to 2.000m², through the relocation to Freixianda at the centre of Portugal – an industrial region of importance.

  •  - 2005

    Micronipol partners with the Sintra Rotary Club to launch the social project – Dê uma tampinha à indiferença, to finance wheelchairs for people in need. The project united various participants from both organisations: members of the rotary collected and packaged the plastic caps which in turn were transported to Micronipol for recycling where every bag weighing one ton each, generated a bank cheque to finance one wheelchair.

  •  - 2008 to 2014

    The factory’s covered processing area is amplified to 12.000m².

  •  - 2015

    Creation of Microexpresso, a company belonging to the same group, for the transportation of Micronipol’s products.

  •  - 2021

    Micronipol celebrates an agreement with Explorer Investments aiming at the expansion to  new markets, the strengthening of its operational structure and the optimization of processes.

  •  - 2022

    To encourage the use of recycled plastic as raw material, Micronipol starts offering a new service–Research and Development to be done in collaboration with clients.

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