Shaping a

Micronipol was founded in 2000 at a time of rising environmental awareness.
Today, we are proud to pave the way for manufacturers in Portugal and around the world to start using recycled plastic as the preferred type of raw-material.
Our recycling plant is located at the heart of Portugal’s industrial area and covers a total area of 50.000 m².


To be recognized as a leader in plastic recycling in Portugal, through responsible social, corporate and environmental practises.


We strive to enhance our ecological footprint through recycling, while maximising resources, creating value for shareholders, employees and society in general.


Our values are represented by the ethical, moral and social principles by which the company relates to its internal and external environment.

Quality Policy

We are aware that quality is a fundamental pillar for Micronipol’s success, and therefore make a commitment to implement and maintain the company’s quality policy. 

These strategic guidelines enable Micronipol’s sustainable development. Through responsible social business and environmental practises, we aim to be recognised as a leading plastic recycler in both Portugal and worldwide.

  • To ensure our customers’ satisfaction by delivering recycled plastic materials that meet their requirements;
  • To ensure continuous improvement, using methods and tools that enable us to establish high standards of efficiency in production control, stock management, service and distribution–as per our customers’ expectations.
  • To provide the necessary means to achieve both strategic and operational objectives, defined within the scope of the Quality Management System, namely through continuous capacity training of all employees as well as continuous investment in recycling technology;
  • To involve all stakeholders–employees, suppliers, customers and the community–in the promotion of the organised waste market, showing evidence of its benefits to economic agents and, ultimately, consolidating its appreciation;
  • To comply with all the current legal, regulatory and prescriptive requirements that apply to our company’s operations;