“Nothing is lost,
nothing is created,
is transformed.”

Antoine Lavoisier

Imagine a world where things produced by men go from being used once, to being used again and again. Just as in nature, in a circular economy, once used, plastic containers get transformed, reshaped and reused. This is a philosophy that we live by.

For plastic circularity to be possible, the world needs citizens and companies to recycle. Most importantly, the world needs manufacturers, designers and creators
to plan and develop products having their lifecycle in mind. At Micronipol we know that being recyclers is only half the solution. We need manufacturers to see our
recycled pellets as the best raw-material for their production processes.

That is why we are governed by values that enable us to consistently meet our customers’ production needs.
Ultimately, through stable partnerships, our purpose is to encourage a circular economy for plastic and a more sustainable world.


Quality is our main focus. Every single bag of pellets coming out of Micronipol is tested and graded at our quality control laboratory.
This is where we attest our product’s fluidity and density.

Specificity & Consistency

Because every single one of our customers has a specific set of composition requirements, our recycled plastic is produced according to each client’s required specificity. In addition, our customers need raw-materials to remain the same composition–that’s why we warrant consistency of our products throughout our partnership.


In addition to reducing water and air pollution, by transforming waste into plastic raw-material to be used in the manufacturing of plastic goods, Micronipol is also saving energy and water.
We want to spread the word and encourage manufacturers around the world to choose recycled plastic rather than virgin plastic.
This is how we strive for a more sustainable future for our planet.


Circularity starts during the planning and design stage. We know that, to encourage manufacturers to use our recycled pellets, we need to support them in creating innovative products. That is why we have invested in our Research and Development department in order to support clients and potential interested manufacturers in the development of new products that use recycled plastic as raw material.